SRCC provides easy slab to hard overhang roof walls for Top rope climbing/Lead climbing/Bouldering.

Climbers of all backgrounds and abilities will find a variety of new routes and boulder problems

each month ranging from 5.8-5.13 and V0-V12.

¡Top rope area

¡Lead climbing area

¡Lead climbing area featuring roofs

¡Bouldering area

¡Steep bouldering area

¡Crack training machine

¡8 meters long SLACK LINE


¡Lobby & stretch room


Top rope area


ETop-rope and Leading route ranging from 5.8~5.10.

The height is about 11m.

Lead climbing area


ELead Area Features ranging from steep

faces, overhangs, stemming corners, and roofs.

The highest wall is 11m, but the longest

route is about 15m, ranging from 5.10~5.13.

Lead climbing area featuring roofs


EFrom Slabs to Overhangs.

11 meters tall climbing wall. Climbing ranges in difficulty from 5.9 to 5.11.

Bouldering area


E3-5 meters tall bouldering wall with

maximum 160 degrees of overhang. Our bouldering

ranges in difficulty from super easy V2 to super hard V10.

Steep bouldering area


E3-5 meters tall bouldering wall with 95 degrees.

Climbing ranges in difficulty from V1 to V6.

Crack training machine


Homemade Crack training machine! Jam whatever and wherever you want!

You can also practice cam placements.

8 meters long SLACK LINE!


It is a slack line 8 meters in length.

This emerging sport, similar to tight-rope walking,

is an excellent way to cross-train for any activity requiring a good sense of body awareness,

and itfs a great full-body workout.

In slacklining, the webbing stretches,

which allows advanced slackliners to perform an array of tricks from simple turns to flips on the line.

Slacklining strengthens the core, as well as the tiny stabilizer muscles in your knees and ankles.






*Sterling rope

*Joshua Tree


*Rock climbing holds

Wifi is available


We offer free wi-fi.

Lobby & stretch room


After your workout,

relax and treat yourself in our stretch room or just hang out with your friends.



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